Consumer Tips

Security Tips for Online Bill Payment When it comes to paying your monthly bills—a chore that we all dread—you do have choices. There are three simple options. You can pay in person with cash or a check, use the tried-and-true method of mailing a check or pay your bills online using some form of electronic bill payment and presentment (EBPP).  Read more>>

Special Alerts

Fraud Alert: 04.14.2016 Beware of E-Mail Phishing Scams. Fraudsters, Criminals, and Hackers may pose as legitimate businesses and request personal or payment information.  Often they will send an attachment which may contain a Virus, Malware or Ransomware.  Use discretion and keep you, your data, and your money safe. If you receive such an E-Mail from someone posing as a representative of the Bank, do not open it or the attachment. Call and report it to us at 573-748-5551.

Virus Alerts

Account Takeover Threat Resurfaces There is a new threat in the Account Takeover space. The Ramnit Worm has resurfaced and is reportedly targeting Facebook users. Read More>>