Services & Fees

Account Services and Fees Schedule 5-15-2019

Safe Deposit Boxes
Several sizes available, come in and see us about renting a box for your valuables and important papers. $15, $20,$25, $35, and $70 annually per box size. A fee of $85 will be charged for replacement of Safe Deposit Lock or Key.

Money Orders Customer Fee
Use our money order when you cannot use a personal check. Your cost will be $2.50 per money order.

Cashier Checks Customer Fee
When a money order will not suffice, purchase one of our cashier checks. Your cost will be $5.00 per check.

Incoming or Outgoing Wires
When you need to send money to someone fast, use our wire service. Your cost for incoming wires will be $17.00 per wire, outgoing wires will be $20.00 per wire. Your cost for foreign wires will be $50.00 per incoming wire and $100.00 per outgoing wire. For Wiring Instructions click here.

Notary Service
Need something notarized? Come in and see one of our notarys. Your cost will be $2.00.

Bank by mail envelopes
Tired of addressing envelopes for your mailed bank deposits? Ask us for bank by mail envelopes, they are already addressed for you.

Night Deposit
Trying to get to the bank before it closes to make a deposit? Use our night deposit, checked daily.

Temporary Statement
Need a temporary statement of your account to see what checks have cleared before your actual statement comes out. Call us, and we will print one for you. Your cost will be $3.00 per statement. Remember if you are an E-Banking customer, you can print your statement right off-line through the E-Banking service, and you will not incur a fee.

Special Statement
Need a current statement with images included. Call us and we will print one for you. Your cost will be $5.00.

Account balancing
Having problems balancing your account? Come by and let us help. Your cost will be $25.00 per hour.($25.00 minimum)

Research Request
Need us to look up a past statement or other account information? Call us and make a request. Your cost will be $20.00 per hour.($20.00 minimum)

Insufficient Funds
If you do not keep a sufficient balance in your account to cover your checks, you will be charged $28.00 per insufficient check. (Includes returned items or 2nd presentment items)

You will be charged $28.00 for items paid on first presentment.

Sweep Transfer with Mailed Notice
If you wish to receive a mailed notice each time a sweep takes place on your account, you will be charged a $1.00 for each mailed notice.

Returned Deposit Items
All customers will be charged $5.00 for each returned deposit item.

Foreign Currency Exchange                                                                                                                  If you are planning on traveling abroad, foreign currency can be purchased; we provide this service through one of our correspondent banks.

Stop Payment Request
Need to stop payment on a check or an ach debit? Request a stop payment through us, or you can even use our E-Banking Service if your are an enrolled customer. Your cost will be $30.00 per check or per ach debit.

We offer E-Statements to all of our checking account customers.  In order to receive E-Statements you must have E-Banking. The statement format will be the same as the one you are receiving by regular mail, including the images of your checks and deposits.Community Free Checking account customers must sign up for E-Banking in order to comply with the E-Statement requirement.  Once approved for E-Banking, the customer will then need to complete the E-Statement process within 30 days of opening the account or it will be changed to a regular checking account and will be assessed a monthly service charge.We also offer free Bill Pay privileges for any E-Banker receiving an E-Statement.   If you are interested in receiving E-Statements, please contact the E-Banking Department at (573) 748-5551 for more information.

Consumer E-Banking
Check your account balances 24 hours a day. Make transfers, or pay bills, securely, right on-line from home. Access to E-banking is free. Bill pay is free for all customers, for next day rush payments a fee of $19.95 will be assessed, for 2nd day a fee of $14.95 will be charged.

There will be a $10.00 fee for incoming or outgoing collection items.

Garnishment or Levies
The fee for garnishment or levies is $100.00.

Account Closing
Accounts closed within 90 days of opening will be charged a $20.00 fee.

Christmas Clubs closed before Nov 1st will be charged a $15.00 fee.

Printed Checks
Charge for printed checks varies, please come by or call for prices.

Visa Check Debit Card Fees
No surcharges for Bank of New Madrid customers at MoneyPass ATMs
$2.50 Visa Check Debit Card Fee when using Foreign ATMs
$10.00 charge for Visa Check Debit Card Replacement
$3.00 charge for Visa Check Debit Card Pin Replacement
$3.00 Foreign Card Fee at Bank of New Madrid ATMs

*Visa check cards can be used as a Credit transaction anywhere Visa is accepted. Even though you enter it as a credit transaction, it will still debit off of your account balance here at the Bank of New Madrid.

Replacement of Loan Coupon Book
There will be a cost of $5.00 for anyone who needs to re-place their loan coupon book

Replacement of Passbook Savings Book
There will be a cost of $10.00 for anyone who needs to replace their passbook savings book.

Returned Mail
There will be a .59 cent charge for customer mail returned from the Post Office.

Telephone Transfers                                                                                                                       Need to transfer money between accounts, but can’t make it into the Bank?  Give us a call and we can schedule a transfer.  A $2.00 fee will be charged for all Telephone Transfers.

Tax Refund Cashing Fee -5%of Check/$7 minimum

Non-Customer Check Cashing Fee -$7.00

ACH Origination Fee $3.00

Loan Payment return Fee $25.00