Bank of New Madrid Offers Debit Cards

If convenience is important to you, get the VISA Check Card………..

With the VISA Check Card, you will receive a wealth of benefits:

  • Acceptance at over 12 million locations
    (anywhere VISA is accepted)
    • Gas Stations
    • Department Stores
    • Convenience Stores
    • Grocery Stores
    • And of course, at ATMs around the world
  • Easy Record keeping
  • Less Check Writing

You can pick up a debit card application at any of our facilities. If you are approved for a debit card you should receive your card within 2 weeks. You will also receive a unique personal identification number(PIN) which will be mailed to you 3 to 5 days after you have received your card. This confidential number may be used to access you accounts at ATMs worldwide.

Each time you present your card for payment or use it at an ATM, the amount is deducted from your checking account. Since the VISA check card is not a credit card, sufficient funds must be available in your designated checking account at the time the card is used for a transaction.

Each month you will receive your regular monthly checking account statement detailing the amount, merchant name, location of merchant and the date of each purchase. You will always receive a receipt for every merchant and ATM transaction you make. This should make recordkeeping a breeze.

May we also suggest you use our E-Banking service to help you to keep track of your debit card transactions. The service will allow you to see exactly when the transactions are being debited from your account and should also be beneficial in balancing your account. In order to apply for the E-Banking service, click on the E-Banking tab on our home page and enroll today.

To activate your Bank of New Madrid debit card or change your current pin number: Please call 1-855-726-4885. If you are wanting to change your pin number, you will need to know the current pin number assigned to your debit card in order to do so.

To report Lost Cards: Call Bank of New Madrid during banking hours at 573-748-5551 or 1-800-530-5515. If it is after banking hours call TransFund at 1-888-263-3370. If you suspect Fraud call Bank of New Madrid during banking hours at numbers above. After hours call TransFund at 1-855-961-1602 to report card lost, stolen or  compromised.

To find a MoneyPass ATM: To find a surcharge-free ATM, please visit

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Identity, Theft, Fraud and You: Please click HERE to learn important information on how to protect yourself from identity, theft, and fraud.

Check out our services and fees page for more debit card information.