Account Takeover Threat Resurfaces

There is a new threat in the Account Takeover space. The Ramnit Worm has resurfaced and is reportedly targeting Facebook users.

The Ramnit worm targeted online banking accounts and corporate networks in 2011 and is now targeting Facebook users. This is particularly concerning to us here at the bank. Our concern is that we are finding many individuals use the same passwords to access personal email and Facebook accounts as well as for remote access to corporate networks and online banking accounts.

Researchers believe the cybercriminals unleashing Ramnit are targeting Facebook for multiple reasons. A large number of potential victims exist in Facebook, approximately 800 million potential victims worldwide. Additionally, if an individual uses the same password for multiple applications, gaining his/her Facebook credentials may open the door to online banking accounts, remote access to corporate networks, etc.

If you are using the same passcodes to access Facebook, email or other social based services as well as your online banking accounts and your email statements, YOU SHOULD NOT DO THIS! You need to have a passcode for your online banking and you need to have a different passcode for your email statements. Both of these codes SHOULD NEVER BE USED for social based services. Security questions should also be different if accessing different applications.

We do everything in our power to keep your financial information safe and secure, but it doesn’t mean anything if you are not doing everything you can do to keep the same information safe when accessing it.

If you find you are guilty of using the same passcodes and you need to make changes to your E-Banking, logon and go to the USER SERVICES tab. On the right hand side of the page under SECURITY SETTINGS you will find the option to change your passcode. You will also find the option to change your security question if you need to do that. If you need help, please give me a call and I will be glad to help you.

If you have email statements and you feel you need to change that passcode, I can also help with those. You will need to give me a call at 573-748-5551 in order for this change to be made. If I am not available, please ask for Leah Lawson.

Ramnit is a worm that can spread to other computers and reproduce itself without being sent through email or a website. Since 2010, Ramnit has altered to include a Zeus variation which targets online banking credentials, particularly those of consumers. This new version has successfully bypassed two-factor authentication, infecting an estimated 800,000 computers since September 2011.

Thankfully, we have not been affected by this worm. Please help us help you in keeping it that way. Change your passcodes TODAY, if need be, and change them every 90 days or so.Visit the homepage on our website and check out other vital information you need to know about protecting your financial information located under the consumer education link.

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